student's perspective


“I really liked that I could get to know everyone here. Back in freshman and sophomore year, I had friends, but it went as far as acquaintances. In IB, it was different in the sense that we formed an unbreakable bond, and I liked that.”

“I truly loved the relationships I created with both my classmates and education in general! With my classmates, I liked how we became close enough to earn the title of a family. With my education, I enjoyed the way I was taught and how flexible and supportive the curriculum and teachers were with our class. It was an unforgettable time...”

“I enjoyed learning about the people in my class and the way their personalities worked and clashed. Even if we were fighting, we talked it out, and it was nice to see how we still managed to come together as a group.”

“The events were the highlight of my time in IB, specifically the International Festival!”

“My favorite part of IB [was] my friends! They supported me greatly during my time in the program, and I am forever thankful for them!”

“In IB, I liked how we created lifelong friendships. Now, it has become a family like no other.”

“I loved the unique learning environment and teaching methods that were offered to me!”

“I loved learning about and seeing the different cultures of IB! Hearing their traditions and experiencing their lifestyles was always something that I had not seen before.”


“IB prepared [me] well above the average college student. I was able to sanction my time accordingly without feeling stressed for lack of time. Secondly, in terms of writing and literature skills, I surpassed the knowledge of those around me.”

“I feel like I have a better appreciation for hard work than many of my peers. I also felt well-adapted to a complete academic environment, which some other high school graduates may not yet be familiar with. TOK also helped me to appreciate interdisciplinary connections among what may otherwise have been unrelated coursework.”

“Although I could have received more credit for pursuing an AP program, I think the integrated nature of the IB program made it worthwhile…”

“The teachers are what prepared me the most for college-they taught me math, which has helped me to succeed...and enabled me to tutor other students who do not understand; they taught me the grammar and writing skills to prepare me for writing-intensive courses and a leadership class in which my grade is based solely on writing; they encouraged me to speak in class and required us to make presentations which makes me 100% comfortable speaking in my classes, regardless of class size; they taught me to analyze all material and incorporate other people’s work flawlessly and impressively. You cannot learn that anywhere but from teachers, and I dare to say that you cannot learn that anywhere but from teachers at Midlothian High School. "