Admissions process

Dates to know

  • CCPS Specialty Center Fair: Virtual --- Launched in mid October 2021, hosted by CCPS Schools website [Link: here]

  • IB Information Sessions: Virtual--- [Link: here] on Tues, Nov. 2nd at 1pm --- Thurs, Nov 4th at 7pm --- Mon, Nov. 8th at 5pm --- Fri, Nov. 12th at 5:30pm. Please RSVP and join our email update list here.

  • Midlothian IB Open House: Midlothian High School --- Tues. November 16, 2021 from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm, hosted by MHS IB [for students zoned for Clover Hill, Cosby, James River, Midlothian, & Monacan High School]. RSVP here.

  • Drop-In Session for Questions: Virtual---[Link: here] on Mon. November 29, 2021 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

  • Application Online Submission via SchoolMint Online: Fri. October 15 to Wed. December 1, 2021 (for 8th Graders & MHS students) - [Link: here]

  • IB Interview Day: Sat. February 12, 2022

  • Specialty Center Acceptance Offer via SchoolMint Online: Fri. March 11, 2022 at 3pm

  • IB Shadow Day: Will be scheduled between March 11 through March 25, 2022. [More information will be available soon].

  • Student's Official Response to Offer of Admission - DUE: Fri. March 25, 2022 by 3pm

learn more from our current students about the application process:

Applying to Midlothian’s IB Programme?

The steps provided below are intended for county residents, and those that are districted for Midlothian's IB Programme (Clover Hill, Cosby, James River, Monacan, Midlothian). If your family is moving into the area from another school district, please contact the IB Coordinator and Midlothian High School Counseling Department for details on how to submit transcripts, applications, and recommendations.

Step 1

Choose which Specialty Centers you will be applying to (for county residents)

There are Specialty Center Open Houses that are occurring all the way into November (see Specialty Center Event Calendar). We want you to find out as much information as possible about the different Specialty Centers you are interested in so that you feel comfortable in deciding the Specialty Center Programmes to which you plan to apply.

Step 2

Request Teacher Recommendations, complete a Statement of Interest, and submit a CCPS Specialty Center Application

Students applying to Chesterfield County Specialty Centers will be completing materials digitally using SchoolMint, an online application system that will handle all applications, transcripts, recommendations, and acceptance notifications. You will find SchoolMint materials (link listed above) at and through Canvas (for current CCPS students).

You will apply to Midlothian’s IB Programme and any other Specialty Centers from the same application. For our programme, you should request recommendations from two of your 7th or 8th grade teachers (from two different academic subjects). Your recommendation and statement of interest will be due with your application in our SchoolMint Online system by the given deadline. Note: Students who currently attend a private school will submit documents to their home middle school. Current 9th & 10th Grade Midlothian High School students may request recommendations from any of their current or past high school level teachers (from two different academic subjects) and will submit documents to the Midlo IB Office.

Please note that MHS 9th & 10th grade student application deadlines (dates are listed above) may be different from those of 8th Grade applicants.

Step 3

Complete the Midlothian IB Interview Day

All students that apply to Midlothian’s IB Programme will participate in the Interview Day where they will complete a group interview, writing prompt, and "inbox" activity. The results of the Interview Day are not meant to be a rigid admissions test. The purpose is to give us additional information to help us to gain a better perspective of you as an applicant, and how you can grow as a learner, leader, and member of our community.

Step 4

Midlothian’s IB Programme will send out notifications of acceptance in early March

After all applicants have been reviewed, we will post acceptance offers online via SchoolMint between the first and second Friday of March. (Official dates are posted above).

Step 5

Students offered admission to Midlothian’s IB Programme are invited to attend the IB Shadow Day

Shadow Days are held during the middle of March (official dates are posted above). This will be a time for you to spend a day here at Midlothian High School with a current high school student. This is a great way for students to speak in depth with current IB students and also experience what a day would be like in the IB Programme here at Midlothian High School.

If you have received our letter of acceptance, please click on the following link:

  • Midlothian IB Shadow Day RSVP (link will officially open after letters of acceptance have been posted)

Step 6

Students offered admission will have to submit a response by the due date (posted above) to decide whether they will accept the opportunity to join Midlothian’s IB Programme!

Each student who has received our acceptance offer is asked to send in their Official Response to the Offer of Admission. Students will need to login online and accept our offer via SchoolMint.

Important Documents for Prospective IB Candidates

Thank you for applying

to Midlothian High School's International Baccalaureate Programme!

We hope this information has been helpful. Good luck as you make the important decisions as to which Specialty Centers to apply to and which to ultimately choose. We feel strongly in the unique opportunities available to you in Midlothian’s IB Programme and we look forward to supporting you in the future.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Mr. Jones the IB Programme Coordinator, at

If you have not applied, but have questions about the application process for Midlothian's IB Programme Specialty Center, please visit the "Prospective IB Student" page to see the steps towards applying for the next available school year.