IB programme acceptance

Please note that this information is pertinent ONLY for students who have been accepted into the programme for the upcoming school year.

If you have received our letter of acceptance, we welcome you into this rigorous and rewarding programme!

After all applicants have been reviewed, we will mail out our letters of acceptance between the first and second Friday of March. (Official dates are posted on the IB Calendar located on our website homepage).

Each student who has received our letter of acceptance is invited to sign up for one of our IB Shadow Days, and is asked to send in their Official Response to the Offer of Admission.

If you have received our letter of acceptance, please click on the following links:

Thank you for applying to Midlothian High School's International Baccalaureate Programme!

If you have not applied, but have questions about the application process for Midlothian's IB Programme Specialty Center, please visit the "Prospective IB Student" page to see the steps towards applying for the next available school year.