Founded in 2001 as a specialty center within Midlothian High School, the International Baccalaureate Programme serves as a rigorous internationally recognized academic programme for college-bound students in grades 9-12. We currently serve more than 100 students.

The goal of the IB Programme is to develop graduates who become:

Inquirers | Knowledgeable | Thinkers | Communicators | Principled | Open-minded |Caring | Risk-takers | Balanced | Reflective

(Learn more about the IB Learner Profile here)

Welcome to IB

Each year, we welcome an average of 200 applicants through our doors. We host a special Open House each fall to introduce prospective students to our programme.


Midlothian High School has numerous course offerings for our students ranging from Career & Technical Education, Online, Honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and IB courses.


Midlothian High School provides all of it’s students with extracurricular opportunities including Arts & Music Programs, Sports Teams, Student Clubs, Academic Teams, Cultural/Language Clubs, Student Government, and more. We encourage all of our IB students to not only excel academically within our program, but to strive to become involved within the school itself.

Social Community

Midlothian IB is an active, welcoming, and inclusive community. Each year, our IB students and their families enjoy community outings and social events designed to bring us together, keep us well informed of what's going on within the community, and to share in the IB experience.

Creativity, Action, Service to the Community

A key component to the IB Diploma Programme’s Core is participation in it's Creativity, Action, Service programme, referred to as CAS. Each of our students are involved in participating in more than 150 CAS hours within the community. Our students divide into CAS Houses and compete for the House cup. Which CAS House are you?

Peer Support

Each year, during our 8th Grade Shadow Days, we invite incoming 8th grade students to come and spend the day shadowing a current IB student. This provides each new student with a unique perspective on the entire IB program and gives them an opportunity to meet their future peers.


As an IB World School, our curriculum aims to interweave global perspectives throughout our IB subjects. Various cultural events are planned during the school year, including the ever popular International Festival!

Dual Diplomas

All IB students are participating in a dual diploma program. In addition to the IB Diploma, students are automatically enrolled in courses that correlate with the Virginia Advanced Studies Diploma during the course of their four year high school experience. This means that upon successful completion of the program, our students earn both the IB Diploma and a VA Advanced Studies Diploma.