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The United States Department of Education identifies 16 career clusters by classifying specific jobs and industries into similar categories. You can use the information on career clusters to learn about careers while you are in school or any time you are doing career research. The 16 career clusters can best be described as themes that group specific occupations together. One example of a career cluster is Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources. Another is Architecture & Construction. Within each career cluster are job, industry, and occupation types known as pathways. For example, the Architecture & Construction cluster has three pathways: Construction, Design/Pre-Construction, and Maintenance/Operations. The pathways are the building blocks of the16 career clusters. Each pathway offers a variety of careers you might choose. For example, in the Construction pathway, occupations include architect, carpenter, civil engineer, and interior designer. The clusters and their pathways help job seekers and individuals interested in specific careers to identify professions that best suit their interests and abilities. Through the clusters and pathways, you can learn about the education and skills you will need to be effective in a specific job and career. The clusters and pathways provide you with clear-cut choices and options as you begin your career exploration. On the following pages you will find a list of the career clusters, their pathways, and specific jobs within each pathway. You can learn more about career clusters at