(3D Modeling and Animation) (11th Grade)

Students gain experiences related to computer animation by using graphics and design concepts. Students solve problems involving 3-D object manipulation, story boarding, texturing/mapping, lighting concepts, and environmental geometry. Students create a variety of animations that reflect real-world applications and are introduced to interactive and 3-D animation software. Production of a portfolio showcasing examples of original student work is included.

(VDOE Course Code: 8459)

Lab Fee: $20.00



** Master List **

TOPIC 1: GUI Interface

TOPIC 2: Files and Organization

TOPIC 3: Standard Primitives

TOPIC 4: Transforms

TOPIC 5: Cloning / Grouping / Linking

TOPIC 6: Sub-objects and Modifiers

TOPIC 7: Splines and Shapes

TOPIC 8: Compound Objects

TOPIC 9: Modeling

TOPIC 10: Materials

TOPIC 11: Cameras

TOPIC 12: Lighting

TOPIC 13: Rendering | Scene Mgmt.

TOPIC 14: Physics with MassFX

TOPIC 15: Dynamics and Simulations

TOPIC 16: Mudbox (Time Permitting)

TOPIC 17: Unity (Time Permitting)

Introduction to 3ds Max.mp4

Introduction to 3ds Max and the Graphical User Interface