Mr. Eddie Ayers

Special Education Teacher, CCMS

Welcome! My name is Eddie Ayers and I have been a special education teacher at Carroll County Middle School for 37 years. I work with students in grades 7 and 8. As a special education teacher, my job is to help students meet with success in the general education classroom. I accomplish this goal by working in one-on-one, small group and inclusion settings. I continuously differentiate instruction so that each student can complete the classwork at his or her instructional level. I work collaboratively with the 7th and 8th grade teachers to plan lessons that are both interactive and engaging.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call me at Carroll County Middle School (276) 728-2382, by email (, or you can write me a note.

2017-2018 Class Schedule:

1st Block (8:30-10:00) English 7 - Mrs. S. Dalton (Room 213)

2nd Block (10:00-11:35) English 8 - Ms. J. Watkins (Room 118)

3rd Block (12:00-12:45) (Every Friday) - English 7 Acceleration (Library)

4th Block (1:45-3:15) - English 7 - Mrs. S. Dalton (Room 213)

AR Incentive Program