Dr. Nowall

Dr. Nowall's 8th Grade Science Class

To do really well in science this year:

Show up - come to school!

Show up with your pencil - you just might be writing a few things down.

Do your assignments - or stay after and do them at tutoring!

Study for tests - Study Guides Provided!

Enjoy the demonstrations & labs

Have fun! inventing/building/recording ideas!

Share your ideas, participate in class discussions, make new friends, and stay tuned to this website!!

8th Grade Science is all about relating how science, technology, engineering, and math influence EVERYTHING in your life and EVERYTHING around you. Your Carroll County Middle School 8th Grade Science is dedicated to preparing you for the academic demands of high school as well as engaging you in a hands-on, relevant, and applicable education.

Hang on tight it will be Dec 2017 before you know it - Just ask any 9th grader!!

Want to tickle your brain, have some fun, get the WOW factor really working for you? Science – it’s EVERYWHERE!

If you ever have any questions or comments please e-mail me at wbnowall@ccpsd.k12.va.us.