Health and Physical Education

Carroll County Middle School's health and physical education is headed up by three female and two male instructors. Matthew and Joe Tompkins are the two male instructors (also father and son), Sheila Harris, Kayla Nester, and Heather Pauley are the female instructors. Mrs. Pauley splits her time between being an instructor and the athletic director for Carroll County Middle School.

The Carroll County Middle School's department goal is to encourage every student to live a healthy lifestyle. To accomplish our goal we spend each week with a different sport. Some of the sports are mainstream, such as flag football and basketball, and others are lifetime sports, such as golf, frisbee golf, and hiking. We will offer the students a chance to achieve STARS for excelling at a physical activity. The top 40 students with the most stars will receive a reward day at the end of the spring semester. Students will have 10 class periods, mainly on Fridays, to achieve these stars.

Our schedule for the semester is as follows for the fall Semester of the 2017-2018 school year.

8/9-8/11 - Introduction for the students. Students are given their spots, rules and expectations are given and we review exercise and stretches.

8/14-8/18 - Physical Fitness Tests

8/21-8/25 - Flag Football

8/28-9/1 - STARS

9/4-9/8 - Ultimate Frisbee

9/11-9/15 - Whiffleball and Softball

9/18-9/22 - Kickball

9/25-9/29 - Omnikin Volleyball

10/2-10/6 - Omnikin Soccer and Tag

10/9-10/13 - Intercession

10/17-10/20 - Introduction for students. Students are given their spots, rules and expectations are given and we review exercise and stretches that will be completed everyday.

10/23-10/27 - Health - Anti - Bullying

10/30-11/3 - Noodle Tag

11/6-11/10 - STARS WEEK

11/13-11/17 - Soccer

11/20-11/24 - PINS

11/27-12/1 - Kickball

12/4-12/8 - Omnikin Tag and Soccer

12/11-12/15 - Whiffle Ball

12/18-12/22 - Omnikin Volleyball

These plans are tentative and weather pending. If you have any questions you may contact us anytime and we will get back to you as soon as possible. The school phone number is (276)728-2382. Our emails are as follows: - Mr. Joe Tompkins - Mr. Matthew Tompkins - Mrs. Heather Pauley - Mrs. Sheila Harris - Mrs. Kayla Nester

All health and physical education standards for learning can be found at this link: