Calvary Chapel Naugatuck 2020 Annual Report

Message From Pastor Jered Murphy

Welcome to CC Naugy's 2020 Annual Report! 2020 has been full of all kinds of things, but one thing that 2020 was also full of was God's presence and power. It feels amazing to Pastor a church where we can honestly say that God's Kingdom was advanced in our small church family in 2020. Many things happened in 2020 and this Annual Report helps to remind you of some of those important times during 2020. This report is not just about finances (although that is a big part of it), it is also a tool that helps to remind us about specific places within our church of where God was moving during the past year. This report will remind us how every penny that we have invested into CC Naugy has been a wise Kingdom investment. You will be reminded of baptisms, small groups, testimonials, and other CC Naugy highlights. Thank you for your part in this local church family because without you, none of this would have been possible! There is a lot to celebrate despite such a challenging year. This is all proof that even though the world may be in a lock down kind of condition, the Gospel cannot and will not be chained as His people move forward in faith and love. All the praise, honor, and glory goes to Jesus our Lord and Savior! May He continue to use our church family in any way that He sees fit to expand and represent His Kingdom. Together we will continue to advance the Kingdom of God!


Calvary Chapel Naugatuck had a 2020 Budget of 110,000 which it exceeded. Below is a breakdown of our 2020 budget and some brief descriptions of each budgetary category.


We were actually able to save closer to 10% of our 2020 budget! Putting us in even better financial position for acquiring our own space. We currently carry ZERO debt as a church family and our Savings/Building Fund continues to grow.


We were able to give large amounts of money locally to those in need and we were able to give very generously to Love146 and Hope Pregnancy Center . Our church family continues to give towards so many local outreaches. We also took steps this year to working towards supporting International Missions opportunities. These steps will continue in 2021.

Sunday Morning Expenses

Our Sunday morning expenses were up this year because of increased spending due to Covid issues. We had to purchase things like tents, cleaning equipment, and technology improvements/upgrades for all of our media. We had to be sure that we had necessary equipment to accommodate live streaming and other technological challenges.


What a blessing it was for our Congregation to receive a FREE van! We had to pay some money to fix some issues, but everything is working great now! We have used it a bunch already and we are looking forward to using more in the future!

Association Expenses

Our church is part of 4 Associations. We actively gave to 3 of them in 2020. We are a part of the Calvary Chapel Global Network, The Baptist Convention of New England, The Connecticut Baptist Association, and Converge. I encourage you to click on the links of these associations so that you can see how our church family partners with them to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


It is very important for our church family to invest in it's members. There were several people this year who took advantage of training/education/conference opportunities. We want to continue to be helpful to our people in this way. Please let us know how we can help you.

Administrative Expenses

These are the expenses that help our church accomplish the logistical day to day operations of what is needed so that we can be effective in accomplishing our mission. These expenses are for office materials, different technology subscriptions, and other important items.

Facility Expenses

Praise God for providing us our space to be able to worship His name! Our facility costs are extremely reasonable and we are grateful to God for this. Our main facility expenses are our rent and our storage unit that we have in Waterbury. We know that the future will probably have an increase in this area of our budget, but we know that God will bring the provision needed.

Personnel Expenses

This section includes all of our expenses in regards to paying the employees of Calvary Chapel Naugatuck. In 2020 our church employed Pastor Jered (salary, almost full time), Kayla Lepage (office manager, hourly @ 10 hrs/week, and Evelio Lopez (assoc pastor, small monthly stipend). The expenses in this category include all payroll costs, salaries, any retirement contributions, and taxes associated with our church employed individuals. Most church personnel budget sections range from being 35%-65% of their annual budget, we are currently close to 50%.


As crazy as it sounds our church did grow numerically during 2020 even though we did not meet in person from mid March-May. Praise God for the growth that He brought. A chart of Sunday morning attendance is below.


Calvary Chapel Naugatuck saw tremendous online engagement growth in 2020. Below are a few online engagement statistics with our online content in 2020

  • YouTube subscribers increased 111%

  • Website traffic increased 67%

  • New Visitors to website increased 50%

  • Thousands of viewers from Facebook Live

  • Increased followers on all of our social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter


We had the privilege to baptize 6 individuals this 2020! What great news it is to know that CC Naugy is bringing people to Jesus!


Much of the ministry of Calvary Chapel Naugatuck happens outside of our church walls. For a church of our size the people of CC Naugy are INCREDIBLY active in serving and loving others with the Father's heart. Below are just SOME of the outreach things that Calvary Chapel Naugatuck has done in 2020.

Jesus Loves You

Our outreach to those Women and Children in shelter at Safe Haven because of a violent home.

New Beginnings

The awesome back to school clothing ministry continues to bless children and families in our town each year. In 2020 CC Naugy in collaboration with other individuals, businesses, and churches helped to provide 73 children with essential back to school items. For details check out the 2020 New Beginnings Report

Missions Committee

In February of 2020 we formed a Missions Committee made up of our own Church members to help us be more efficient and supportive for all of our Outreaches.

C4C (Crossover For Christ)

A basketball ministry for local teens. The goal of C4C is to provide a basketball environment to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and build Christ centered relationships.

Message on Maple

This was CC Naugy's second year of producing a crop of vegetables at this particular piece of land. We had cleared the land several years ago. We have been able to provide safety for drivers, increase local property value, and give the local food bank fresh produce. To learn more click HERE

Baldwin Recreation Center

This outreach was started in November of 2020. This outreach ministers to those close to the Baldwin Recreation Center in Waterbury. CC Naugy along with other believers have been supplying clothes, food, hair cuts, prayer, and the Gospel message.

ShoeBox Christmas

Calvary Chapel Naugatuck provided every student of Central Ave School with a packed and wrapped gift. These 140 gift boxes had all kinds of goodies inside including hand made cards by the people of CC Naugy.

Glendale & Beacon Brook Covid Workers Appreciation

During the height of the Covid epidemic Calvary Chapel Naugatuck provided all of the medical staff of Glendale and Beacon Brook waters, catered lunches, and prayer cards.

Made In His Image Events

We had several events held on the Town Green. These events were focused on proclaiming the Unity of the Body Christ in Jesus.

Teen Ministry

It was challenging for the teens to get together in 2020 but they were able to connect periodically and fellowship and seek God's heart.


Bringing people to Baptism is part of the Great Commission, the other part is to teach and make disciples and Calvary Chapel Naugatuck made significant investments into Discipleship in our church family in 2020.

Calvary Kidz

2020 has been an extremely challenging time for our children. Under the leadership of Julie Murphy, the children of Calvary Chapel Naugatuck continued to creatively find ways to surround our children with the life and truth of Jesus. There were also many multiple connection times together even outside of Sunday Mornings.

Small Groups

The small groups that happened in 2020 (either in person or online) were: Varying Men's Studies, Women Studies, The Book of Revelation, Spiritual Warfare, The Crazy Cycle Marriage Study, Holy Roar Music Study, The Book Dance,Stand,Run

Sunday Mornings

2020 Was not the year of normal Sunday Mornings and that is not a bad thing! Our Sunday Morning experiences continued our Musical Growth and Expanded our study of the Word. In 2020 we completed two Series (Unstuck and Series About The Current Times), we completed the Book of Acts, and almost completed the Book of Romans (we will complete that book in early 2021).

Leadership/Pastoral Training

This 2 year pilot program of Calvary Chapel Naugatuck Leadership Training continued in 2020. Kyle H, Evelio L. and Jacob B. are all coming to the end of their 2 year commitment in early 2021. This has been extremely fruitful and will be opened up later in 2021 to whoever would like to take part in the next 2 year commitment.

Growth Track

CC Naugy finalized this Spiritual Growth Tool. This tool helps members/attenders to set specific Spiritual goals and to then accomplish them. To learn more just click here.

One Year Bible Plan

Our one year Through The Bible Plan finishes up at the end of December and then starts again with a new plan Jan 1, 2021.

Online Devotional Studies

These short 30 minute Biblical devotional times started in the middle of 2020. They have been extremely fruitful and will continue into 2021. These can always be joined from our online Calendar.


Our Main Church Website

Our New Beginnings Website


Calvary Chapel Naugatuck turned 10 years old in October of 2020! What an adventure it has been these past 10 years. We have seen and experienced the faithfulness of God time and time again. That Celebration Sunday in October of this year was such a blessing. We celebrated with gifts, a food truck, testimonials, and an extended outdoor service. To watch the service check it out below!


We wanted to make sure that we included this part in this Annual Report. This part reminds us of some of the more important aspects of Calvary Chapel Naugatuck that is not always easily recognizable or measurable.

  • We started 2020 with Credentialing our first Associate Pastor Evelio Lopez. This was a joyous time and this has been a big year for him and his family, Congratulate them for making it through year one in this new role and say thank you if you get a chance!

  • Our Music Ministry grew leaps and bounds in 2020. Both in skill and in heart transformation.

  • Regular participation in our Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings increased significantly. Both with prayer requests and also with the number of people present at those prayer meetings.

  • Spontaneous prayer initiated by members of our church at church, or at jobs, or at the store, or at schools increased significantly.

  • The number and the depth of Friendships and Accountability relationships increased.

  • An increase of people doing YouVersion Bible Plans together.

  • The number of volunteers volunteering in unfamiliar or new ways increased.

  • Members who sought out and received Professional counseling increased significantly. We see this as a wonderful sign of humility and honesty about difficult personal issues.


These individuals have served in helping to lead Calvary Chapel Naugatuck in 2020. They have served either the entire year of 2020 or for some part of 2020; and we are thankful for their generous investment into our Church family. 2021 will see some new leaders in some new positions, but we could not have accomplished what we did in 2020 without these individuals:

  • Lori Dumas (Deaconess for part of 2020)

  • Eric Dumas (Deaconess for part of 2020)

  • Brian Reihm (Deacon for all of 2020)

  • Rhonda Reihm (Deaconess for all of 2020)

  • Kayla Lepage (Deaconess for all of 2020)

  • Nate Edberg (Elder for all of 2020)

  • Keith Murphy (Elder for all of 2020)

  • Rob Audette (Elder for most of 2020)

  • Jered Murphy (Elder for all of 2020)