Who We Are?

A Company With a Face

CCD management across all levels truly cares about our agents. We are available to listen, empathize, and support the work that our agents do. Whether it’s good or not so good news, we can stand behind it. We own up to our mistakes (which will happen once in a while).

Growth Opportunities

We are FAST growing… the fastest growing as a percentage of our size in the entire country. This translates into more management positions at all levels… which translates into growth opportunity for all! We support personal and professional growth through free courses at CCD University.

Financial Stability

We are backed by Amergent Capital, a strong American-backed investment firm that believes in job creation and transforming the outsourcing business as we know it. Amergent Capital evaluated 55 call centers before acquiring CCD! In addition, most of our contracts are tier 1 and have been with us for 2+ years.

Meet our team

CCD University Administration


Banco Popular Banco Popular was founded in 1963. BPD is also a subsidiary of local financial group. Grupo Popular. To date, BPD has the broadest banking network in the Dominican Republic, with more than 140 branches across the country
ARS Humano ARS Humano is CCD's medical insurance provider and is also considered one of the largest medical insurance providers within the country.