Wraparound Support Program

A "Whole-child" initiative.

The Wraparound Support Program (WSP) is a district-wide initiative within Columbia County School District that began in the 2018-2019 school year. The Wraparound Support Program is, above all, an initiative focused on student voice. The Wraparound Support Program facilitates partnerships between students, schools, family and community stakeholders to enhance students’ socio-emotional well-being while assisting in their transition to post-secondary life.

How it all began...

Beginning in the 2017-2018 school year, the Columbia County School District learned about a program in Marietta, GA spearheaded by Leigh Colburn. The "wraparound" initiative in Georgia began in 2015 after then-Principal Colburn started asking students what types of support they needed to be academically successful. Students described a desire to do well in school, but laid bare the barriers of food insecurity, substance abuse and domestic violence (just to name a few) that made that success near impossible. She began the Graduate Marietta Student Success Center (now the Marietta Student Life Center) where community organizations and agencies could offer services directly to students and their families in the same place where they came to learn every day.

The Wraparound Support Program provides needed support to students and families from many directions.

Academic Achievement & Post-High School Transition

The WSP supports school and district efforts to help students recover, maintain, and/or improve academic performance while also providing high-quality career and college counseling in grades 9 - 12. The goals of Columbia County WSP's Academic Services are to increase reading and math proficiency, increase on-time promotion, increase course pass rates, increase student participation and success in highly rigorous courses, increase school and district graduation rate, and increase the percentage of students attending college, as well as, increasing scholarship dollars earned.

Behavioral & Socio-Emotional Support

The WSP will coordinate school and district efforts to better support students as they practice and gain skills associated with the components of emotional intelligence, self-regulation, mindfulness, and resiliency. The goal of Behavior and SEL Support Services will be to increase student optimism and self-worth, as well as his/her sense of belonging and purpose as these attributes associated with school and life success. Qualitative and quantitative student voice information, student surveys, attendance, discipline data, as well as, arrest and in/out of school suspension data will be utilized to monitor student progress and program impact.

Community Partnerships & Services

The WSP will help students and families identify, connect with, and utilize community services to minimize the negative impact of known barriers to student learning, graduation, and post high school success. The goal of uniting with community service providers will be to unite and coordinate the efforts of skilled professionals and community organizations to serve Columbia County families. We will create an integrated resource center to support students and their families who are struggling with a large variety of concerns such as poverty, trauma, addiction, nutrition and wellness, family changes, and concerns related to mental and emotional health, and more. A broad range of data regarding all services accessed by students will be maintained to measure access, use, partnership effectiveness, and the in-kind financial benefit of the services provided to our families and the school-district.

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