Curriculum and Instruction at Martinez Elementary School

Greetings Eagle Parents and Guardians! Here at MES we are constantly working to help our Eagles SOAR! How can you help and be an engaging part of this process? Start by reviewing your weekly grade level newsletters emailed by our teachers. We can also make a paper copy available to you. These resources offer insight into all the standards being taught, as well as web links you can use to help with engagement at home. All students in 1st -5th grades are involved in Reading and Math Unit Based assessments this year provided by the Columbia County School District in an effort to maintain our course through the Georgia Standards of Excellence and provide us insight for your child’s mastery of the grade level standards. The rigor of these tests are at a high level as we are dedicating ourselves to growing problem solvers. Communicate with your child, not just about their daily behavior chart, but about the learning going on in their school day, activities they are working on, goals they have set with their teacher, and instructional challenges they are faced with in school. Feel free to contact me at any time for instructional support

Thank you for your commitment to engaging instruction,

Tiffany Tolar

Mrs. Tiffany Tolar

Instructional Specialist

Martinez Elementary

Martinez Elementary is a 2017 and 2018 Title One Reward School

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