Project/Problem-Based Learning

Students are taught with an interdisciplinary approach using the Engineering Design Process to guide thinking. This allows students in each grade level to develop 21st Century Skills: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication and Creativity.

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KinderGARDEN students are working on a farm to table concept, while saying, "Lettuce Grow!"

A dietitian has met with students to discuss healthy eating and foods.

Foster Olson from Clyde's Fresh Produce is assisting students with farming concepts.

RW Allen worked through the Engineering Design Process with students, even through the physical build of the garden beds!

Congressman Rick Allen approved the designs for kindergarten's garden beds.

First Grade students are working on

Urban Agriculture.

Students began by working with milkweed for a butterfly garden. Now, they are designing bird feeders to investigate the types of birds in our area, while helping to meet their basic needs.

Second Grade students are exploring hydroponics. They launched their project with a visit from Hydroponic Gardeners from Bartow, GA. Currently, Garden City Hydroponics is working to support both teachers and students in their first growing attempt.

Third Grade students are working on conservation with Trash to Treasure to include:

Composting Upcycled Tire Gardens Be Part of the Solution, Not the Pollution: School Wide Recycling Program

Fourth Grade students are working throughout the year to design a Space Museum and Observatory.

Club Car has issued STEM challenge for students to modify an existing golf cart!

Club Car has issued STEM challenge for fourth grade students to modify an existing golf cart!

Fifth Grade students are working with destructive forces and effects on our water shed. Currently, they are working with Columbia County Storm Water Department to investigate the storm drains in the Martinez Elementary school zone.

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