Back to School!

Hello! I am Mrs. Rogers! I am so happy to have you all as a part of our class this year! I can't wait to get to know each and every one of you. As you can see, we have our very own newspaper to publish every week! You all will become part of the editing crew and have a chance to share your very own ideas. We will be highlighting our Top Journalist every week, the Classroom Character of the month, and other star students that need to be recognized! We will be sharing current events such as what we are learning in each subject, things happening at CRE, our specials calendar, and any other important dates! We can't forget the entertainment section! We will post fun facts, puzzles, and jokes to entertain our subscribers. Lastly, we will list our journalists, editors, and designers under the staff tab. Go ahead and check out the sections of our website for yourself and all that we have to share from our 4th- grade classroom!