Computer Science

This website is where our students and parents are able to explore what is happening in Computer Science. Look around. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me. 

CALL FOR ACTION: If any parents, or friends of the family, would like to speak to a class or classes about how technology relates to your career, I would love to have you in our room.

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Google Classroom codes are below for Q2 2023-24:

8th grade Interactive Design: cwrua6a 

7th grade Interactive Design:  rh5nhk4 

6th grade Secure Info. Systems:  vwkduzj 

Cyber Patriot: 

**If a student is out for any reason, all lessons can be found on the Google Calendar in the timeslot of that grade level**

reASSESSMENT POLICY: Per county policy, students that score lower than 70% on a test may retake the test. The highest possible score is 90% and the HIGHEST of the two attempts will be recorded. Daily work canNOT be redone for a higher grade. 

Please review the late work policy in the Middle School Handbook. 



Exploring Digital Wellness_ A Guide for Students

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8th grade 

Interactive Design

7th grade 

Interactive Design

6th grade 

Foundation of Secure Information Systems