RRE Visual Art

Mrs. Courtney Owen, Art Teacher

courtney.owen@ccboe.net                 phone: 706.477.1016

Get ready - this year we are discovering

the Hero in YOU!

Fine Arts Night is May 16th from 5 - 7 pm!  Art awards begin at 5:30 pm and the RRE Chorus will perform following the awards.  Come and see Artome' framed pieces in the cafe, the sculpture display in the music room, and additional matted work on every hall.  Each RRE artist will have 2 works on display for a total of over 1,700 pieces of art!

Daily Art Schedule for 2023-2024

2023-24 schedule

Columbia County School Department  Visual Art Curriculum and Assessment

The goal of the CCSD Elementary visual art department is to provide an art curriculum focused on the Georgia Standards of Excellence set by the state. Each document below states the grade level expectations for students to master or experience during the listed school year. The sequence of teaching these elements may occur at various times of the year based on the local needs of the school and community.  Enrichment resources are drawn from county and school curriculum purchases. All resources align with state standards and county curriculum guidelines.

As a part of your child’s enrichment learning, students will have the opportunity to be assessed on the following work habits during each lesson of their encore classes: responsibility, participation, assignment completion, and interpersonal skills.  The progress in these areas will be shared each nine weeks on the report card to inform you of their status in each category.