Mrs. Kleist's Class

Welcome to World History and/or American Government! This is my third year teaching at Lakeside High School. Along with teaching in the Social Studies Department I coach the JV Girls Lacrosse team. I look forward to meeting everyone for a great year!

Late Work Policy Revised:

  • Each day work is late 10% will be deducted, after the 5th day you can receive no higher than a 60%. This policy is good for each Unit: meaning once the unit test has passed, a student can no longer submit any work from that unit, they will receive an incomplete on the assignment and it will be scored as a 0%.
  • If a student is turning in late work they must fill out a “Late Work Form” (can be found in the classroom or online- it can be submitted online also) with the assignment before it will be graded.
  • Arrangements to make up work MUST be made within 5 days of the absence according to school policy. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and/or ask for missed assignments, NOT the teacher’s.
  • Excused absences will not affect the grade, unless the student turns in their work after the 5 day grace period allotted to them in the Code of Conduct.

If you missed class it is YOUR responsibility to write the notes from the PowerPoints and have them for class.