Google Classroom:

This course uses Google Classroom for all material, resources, and assignments. Students are able to be self-paced and have access to the class from any device with an Internet Connection.

Students focus on becoming successful online students and practicing the concepts of Digital Citizenship, Netiquette, and an opportunity to refine critical thinking & problem solving skills.

Students will explore a variety of technologies, inventions, innovations & technological systems.


​(706)541-0744 ext. 3062

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Class Schedule:

1st Period 7th Grade: 7:30-8:15

2nd Period 7th Grade: 8:18-9:03

3rd Period 6th Grade: 10:03-10:48

4th Period 6th Grade: 10:51-11:36

5th Period: Planning

6th Period 8th Grade: 1:00-1:45

7th Period 8th Grade: 1:48-2:35

4th Quarter 2020 GC Codes


Personal earbuds to avoid sharing

optional usb drive (if students don't plan to save to Google Drive

Personal hand sanitizer

Note: No binders, paper, pencils/pens required as the course is completely digital