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Welcome to Kindergarten!

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 P A W S 

Positive Attitude

Active Learner

Wise Choices



H O M E W O R K 

We are studying the Sight Words in the Take Home Folder.  

Module 1:  a, I, see, the

Module 2:   am, at, can, man, and, no, to, by, go, is, my, you

Module 3:   an, did in, it, ran, sits, has, me, put, with he, she

Module 4:   big, was, got, had, lot not, on, be, do good, his ten, are, here, of, very

Module 5:   but, him, six, up, us, yes, for, have, help, her, look, some, they, too, want, we

Module 6:   our, where, as come, from, or said, that, when, cut, get, hot, if, must, red, stop

Module 7:   who, could, down now, so were, what, your back, let, off, tell, then, this, well, will

Module 8:   home, keep, like made, make, same, take, time, all, into, know, many, out, right, why, would

Module 9:  ate, came, gave, just, pick, them, about, again, because, how, one, play


I am very excited to have your child in my class this year!  Kindergarten is such a wonderful and magical time for children.  My Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Dozier (Appling), is still my FAVORITE teacher of all time!!  Kindergarten should be a smooth and HaPpY introduction to school for your child, since it sets the stage for the rest of his/her education.  Please refer to this website as I will update it often.  REMIND is the BEST way to communicate!  I will send daily and weekly reminders on REMIND, and I will post pictures of your child working hard and learning in our classroom.  We are going to have a WONDERFUL year in Kindergarten!

  Education is the key to success!


Woof!  WOOF!