7th Grade Social Studies

Welcome! My expectation is that you will come to class EVERY DAY! It is impossible for you to learn if you are not HERE! I also expect you to be PREPARED. It is important that you have your materials EVERY DAY. It is also really important that you come to class with a RESPECTFUL and READY TO LEARN attitude every day; that means that when you are in class, you respect yourself and others. Make it an awesome day, by choosing a positive attitude! Make sure you ASK any questions that you have; I am here to help you to be successful!

Daily Schedule

7:30-8:33 1st period

8:36-9:39 2nd period

9:42-10:45 3rd period

10:48-12:39 4th period

12:42-1:32 5th period

1:35-2:30 6th period

Contact me


706-556-5990 ex 5819

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My class codes:

  • 1st Social Studies: ysgktsa

  • 2nd Social Studies: yz6j3bp

  • 3rd Social Studies: g2yfpzm

  • 4th Social Studies: ifnujrg


Grade Weights

Formative Assignments 30%

Summative Assignments 70%

Parent Portal: http://www.ccboe.net/pages/Columbia_County/Parent_Resources/Parent_Portal

Grades in the gradebook that have a decimal, are to indicate a re-assessment. Reassessments are available on summative grades and only after completing re-assessment. Late work will be graded and input at my convenience.

All official grades are recorded through my online gradebook, available to you as Parent Portal. If something is missing in Parent Portal, I will notate it in the comments beside the assignment. It will be recorded as a 49.5 until completed.

Tutoring is available by appointment.