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6th -8th Grade Art Class

All Student assignments are posted in Google Classroom! I am hoping to post the weekly assignments on Mondays and then everything will be due Friday. That way students can work at their own pace throughout the week.

Google Classroom Codes:

Join your gradel evel Google Classroom

**At this time, all students have been connected to the Google Classroom


All Grades are up to date in Infinite Campus.

** If students are passing art (with a 70 or higher) then they will be done on May 8th!

Weekly Announcements:

This is the last week of Learn From Home and the 4th quarter. Things you need to know:

    • ALL Missing Assignments are due on 5/18
    • I will post grades on 5/19 and the Quarter ends 5/21

Have a fun and safe summer everyone! I hope to see everyone next fall with new rejuvenated, creative energy!

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Important Dates

Veterans Day Art Show and Concert Nov. 17th, 2019

December Art Show and Concert

Dec. 16th, 2019

Spring Art Show and Concert

May 7th and 14th, 2020

Daily Schedule

1st Period (7th Grade) 7:35-8:19

2nd Period (7th Grade) 8:21-9:05

Planning 9:05-10:05

3rd Period (6th Grade) 10:05- 10:49

4th Period (6th Grade) 10:51-11:35

Planning 11:35-1:05

6th Period (8th Grade) 1:05- 1:49

7th Period (8th Grade) 1:51-2:35