Chemistry and Earth Systems

Mr. Kassner, Lakeside HS


2021-2022 Schedule

1st - Chemistry

2nd - Planning

3rd - Earth Systems

4th - Chemistry

5th - Chemistry

6th - Earth Systems

7th - High School Transitions

Mrs.Weaver - co-teacher, 3rd and 6th period Earth Systems

Mr. Kassner

School Supplies

  • Google Classroom app

  • Campus Student app (Parents - Campus Parent app)

  • CCBOE Classlink GA Launchpad App

  • 3-ring notebook (1 ½ inch)

  • Pencils

  • Pens

  • Outdoor shoes

Communication Tools and Resources

1. Every assignment you complete in class is on your Google Classroom page.

2. Google Classroom has assignments that you complete online and a Google Calendar link.

Google Classroom: iOS App Store and Google Play

3. Use Infinite Campus to check your grades. Please see me if you have login issues.

Campus Student: iOS App Store and Google Play

Campus Parent: iOS App Store and Google Play

4. Use Classlink to access your electronic textbooks, Office 365 resources and other information.

Columbia County GA Launchpad: iOS App Store and Google Play.

5. Use Remind to stay in the loop on upcoming events and changes.

6. If you have space on your phone, download apps for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to edit your work on the go.