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Welcome to Mrs. Stevens' 6th Grade Science/Social Studies!

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Email: krystal.stevens@ccboe.net

Phone: (706) 541-1252

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*Email me anytime; I make every effort to respond within 24 hours, except in the event of my absence. Please join my Remind, also. Email is my primary form of communication with parents. I only use Remind to send out reminders about important dates and general school/classroom information.

6th Grade Science Syllabus...what you'll be learning about in Science this year:

Unit 1: Inside the Earth (Q1)

Unit 2: Rocks, Minerals, & Fossils (Q1)

Unit 3: Energy (Q2)

Unit 4: Weathering & Erosion (Q2)

Unit 5: Water in Earth's Processes (Q3)

Unit 6: Weather & Climate (Q3)

Unit 7: Earth, Sun, & Moon (Q4)

Unit 8: Universe & Solar System (Q4)

6th Grade Social Studies Syllabus...what you'll be learning about in Social Studies this year:

Unit 1: Global Concepts--Map Skills, Government Vocabulary, Inferencing Skills (Q1)

Unit 2: History & Geography of Europe (Q1)

Unit 3: Europe Today (Q2)

Unit 4: History & Geography of Latin America (Q3)

Unit 5: Latin America Today (Q3)

Unit 6: History & Geography of Canada (Q3)

Unit 7: Canada Today (Q4)

Unit 8: History & Geography of Australia (Q4)

Unit 9: Australia Today (Q4)

Unit 10: Personal Finance (Q4)

Mrs. Stevens' Schedule:

Stevens schedule 2022-23

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Grading Scale for assignments:

  • 70% Summatives

  • 30% Formatives/Other Assessments

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      • 1st Period (Social Studies A): cne3t4s

      • 2nd Period (Social Studies B): ckfevrv

      • 5th Period (Science A): 63moxnw

      • 6th Period (Science B): s7wli6k