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GHS phone: 706-650-6040

About Me:

School and Work:

I am a Columbia County native. I graduated from Evans High School in 2010 and went off to Georgia Southern University for a year to pursue my cheerleading dreams. I then came back to Augusta and graduated from Augusta University in 2016 where I gained my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and my Masters degree in Teaching. While in school, I maintained a position in the Environmental Dosimetry Department at the Savannah River National Laboratory and was published for my work in Health Physics. Post graduation, I was hired here at Greenbrier High School! This year, I will be teaching chemistry, gifted chemistry, physics, and coaching JV football and competition cheer.


While in college, I met my husband! He also graduated from Evans High in 2009 and Augusta University in 2014 with a degree in chemistry. He now works as a Chemistry Supervisor down at Plant Vogtle Unit 3 & 4. We got married in Maui in 2017 and have a sweet three-year-old baby boy named Waylon, a crazy five-year-old furbaby named Tipsy, and another little baby boy on the way!

Open House Welcome Video

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My Schedule:



1st - Gifted Chemistry

2nd - Planning

3rd - Blended Chemistry

4th - Gifted Chemistry

5th - Physics

6th - Physics

7th - Chemistry



I am available for tutoring after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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I like to tell chemistry jokes periodically!


May the mass times acceleration be with you!


It's hard to be humble when you can jump, stunt, and tumble.


1. Google Calendar

My Google Calendar is my first and most general form of communication providing a general pacing of lessons and assessment dates. These can be found on the subject's page.

2. Traditional Instruction / Google Classroom

Traditional Instruction/Google Classroom will be my second form of communication which will provide details on completing and submitting assignments. All classes will have a google classroom and students can use this platform to send me messages and receive feedback. I highly recommend downloading the Google Classroom App and enable the notifications. Assignments will be posted weekly and notifications/reminders will be sent through the classroom stream.

3. Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus will be my third form of communication which will provide the formal grade given for quizzes, labs, and tests (see syllabus for grade percentage breakdowns). Additional information regarding the assignment will be provided in the comments sections of IC, if needed.

4. Email, Call, or Meet

Email, calling, and/or Google Meet can be utilized to further any conversations needed to keep students on track. I check my email daily and will respond within 24 hours and the best times to call are listed above. While attempting to teach traditionally, my LFH hours of availability are also listed above but should we move back to full LFH learning, these hours will broaden.