Holley's Horizons

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The Horizons Program

Students in 2nd through 5th grades are served in the Horizons Program. Each elementary school has a gifted specialist who works with gifted students in this pull-out resource setting. The Horizons curriculum has an academic content foundation, but it focuses on interdisciplinary enrichment activities. The content and pacing are differentiated to the degree that activities are more advanced than the regular classroom. Students in kindergarten and 1st grade receive gifted services through their classroom.

At Riverside Elementary...

2nd-5th grade students attend Horizons one day a week for 6 segments of gifted instruction.

(One segment equals 45 mins. for 2-3 and 50 mins. for 4-5)

Weekly Schedule

Monday--2nd Grade

Tuesday--5th Grade

Wednesday--4th Grade (Beaty/Capell)

Thursday--4th Grade (Eddie/Steffer)

Friday--3rd Grade