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2022-2023 Schedule

1st Period - AP Human Geography

2nd Period - Personal Finance

3rd Period - Personal Finance

4th Period - Economics

5th Period - Economics (lunch)

6th Period - planning

7th Period - AP Human Geography

**I can usually respond to emails/make phone calls during 6th period or after school. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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Fall Semester Codes

Text to: 81010

Economics: @b2dfdac

Personal Finance: @fgadh3

Year long class - AP Human Geography: @ehcab8c

Students, join your class Fall 2022


  • 1st Period AP HUG - gy4spj6vye 3

  • 2nd Period - Personal Finance - upwrywe

  • 3rd Period - Personal Finance - k4yygjo

  • 4th Period - Econ - ge3x4wp

  • 5th Period - Econ - xame3a3

  • 7th Period - AP HUG - p4rvrul