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Hello, and welcome to Dr. Grant's homepage. From here, you can navigate to whichever of my classes you may need to check out for the 2022-23 school year at Grovetown High School (links at top of page). You will also find a link to email me directly below, and some other basic information, if you should need it.

Daily Schedule

Google Join Codes

1st period 9th grade - pinonw6

2nd period 9th grade - p6urww2

3rd period AP Lang - f6x3gx5

4th period AP Lang – y3huq7a

6th period 9th grade - 6suxoik

7th period 9th grade - kj5lsr7

Welcome Video

This video is a brief welcome to both my AP Lang classes as well as the 9th Grade ELA classes from the 22-23 school year. Here, you'll find some basic information regarding some classroom procedures, reassessment, and what to look forward to over the year.

welcome 22-23.mp4

Course Syllabus 22-23

Course syllabi may be found on their respective pages