Handbook & Shirt Order Form

1. Please review the handbook.

2. Pay the band payment

3. Fill out the handbook / shirt order form

The band payment includes the shirt.


GMS Band handbook 2020

Dress for Concerts

Students must wear their 2019 GMS Band shirt, black pants, and all black shoes. (No bright laces or tennis shoes)

Girls may wear skirts, but please make sure they are appropriate concert length. Girls wearing skirts are encouraged to wear solid black tights/hose. Shirts must be tucked in. Guys must wear long black socks. (No short ankle socks)

6th grade, 7th, 8th grade black t-shirt

​A student playing on a sports team would not show up for a game without wearing the correct team uniform. The same rule applies for our band concerts. Please make sure your child is wearing the appropriate attire for our concerts. Failure to wear proper attire will result in loss of points. For our state Music Performance Evaluations you will not be allowed to participate without proper attire.