District and Allstate Forms -

District has been cancelled. See updated info letter for Allstate audition requirements on google classroom. The district/allstate information below
no longer applies for this year. Deadline has passed for Allstate.

1. Read the information below

2. Send in the registration slip and payment for
District ($11) OR District and Allstate ($37)

The deadline to register is 1 October.

Auditions are held the first Saturday in December at Greenbrier Middle.

GMEA - Georgia Music Educators - link to scales and Allstate Solos


​District Audition Registration Form | $11.00

District auditions are held the first Saturday in December. Although we will prepare the material in class, students are encouraged to take private lessons to help prepare for this event. Deadline is 1 October.

GMS allstate band registration form

All-state Audition Registration Form | $26.00

All-state includes the same requirements as district plus 2 prepared solos. Students who register for all-state are competing against top students from across Georgia. It would be unusual for someone to make the Allstate band without taking private lessons. See me for private tutor suggestions.

Deadline to register is 1 October.

Middle School District Auditions_ PERCUSSION.pdf

|Percussion Requirements |

District level, first round audition requirements:

Students must perform on all three instruments for the district and state level auditions. There is one sight reading exercise for each instrument.

  • Snare Drum: Closed Roll, (soft-loud-soft) : (The next 3 are played slow-fast-slow) Flam Accent, Drag, and student’s choice. (Choose from one of the 40 PAS rudiments.)

  • Keyboard Percussion: Chromatic scale, F, Bb, Eb, and Ab major. 2 octaves each, memorized, tempo at 120 bpm.

  • ​Timpani: The audition is performed on two drums. Students will tune the timpani to the same pitches as the sight-reading exercise. Students may use an acoustic tone producer for tuning. (pitch pipe, mallet instrument, etc.)

Timpani procedure:

  • Tune Timpani to sight-reading pitches. You have 30 seconds per drum.

  • Single Stroke Roll, played on either drum, slow to fast to slow (not soft-loud-soft)

  • Forte-Piano Roll with crescendo (either drum) (One hit, start soft roll, then crescendo)

  • Sight-read (Students have 30 seconds to study the music before performing.)

Percussionists auditioning for all-state band do not play their required solos at the first audition in December. (All other instruments do)

To be recommended for the State level final audition in January, percussionists are required to score 85 or higher in two areas, and 70 or higher in another. (Snare, Timpani, Mallets) Students must perform on all three instruments for the district and state level auditions. There is one sight reading exercise and one all-state solo for each instrument. The solos are normally released by GMEA mid-August.

PAS Drum Rudiments


District Audition - Judge's score sheet

district judges score sheet.pdf