Welcome to the Evans High School Colorguard Page!

Todd Mason

Colorguard Instructor

Our Goal

The goal of the Evans High School Auxiliary Program is to provide an opportunity for students to participate in representing their school, to grow as individuals and team members, to teach performance skills, and to build self‐confidence and self‐esteem. Evans High School has three Auxiliary Units: Football Colorguard, Majorettes, and Competition Colorguard. Group activities require that an individual put aside their personal feelings for the good of the group. What is required of one is required of all. When each individual is willing to give up a small part of himself/herself, the group benefits as a whole. Personal sacrifice and understanding the dynamics of a team will be crucial to becoming the best color guard member possible.

Auxiliary Leadership

Jillian Marasco--Colorguard Captain

Amber Deas--Flag Captain

Chloe Rouse--Weapon Captain

Linda Brinson--Dance Captain

Anne Sample--Majorette/Sabre Captain