Science Units

  • Cells and Microorganisms

  • Classification

  • Learned and Inherited Behaviors

  • Earth’s Surface Features (Constructive/Destructive Processes)

  • Chemical/Physical Changes

  • Electricity and Magnetism

Math Units

  • Volume

  • Multiply Multi-Digit Numbers

  • Divide Multi-Digit Numbers

  • Decimals

  • Fractions and Decimals

About me

I am an alumni of Georgia Southern University where I recently received a master degree in Curriculum and Instruction for Accomplished Teachers. My under graduate studies were completed at Emmanuel College. I am originally from the granite capital of the world, Elberton, Ga.

There are four members, including myself who make up my immediate family; my husband Terry who works at John Deere, my daughter Ivy who attends EES and 1 year old baby boy Ian. No pets. (We have very bad allergies)

Check out my welcome back video below. Links to parent/teacher communication and Google Classroom are below the video.


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