What is ESOL?

The Columbia County ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) Program is a state funded instructional program for eligible English Learners (ELs) in Grades K-12 (Georgia School Law Section 20-2-156 Code 1981, Sec. 20-2-156, enacted in 1985).

What are the goals of ESOL?

The English to Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) program goals are to help students obtain English language proficiency and to meet age and grade appropriate academic achievement standards for grade promotion and graduation. To reach this goal it is critical that instructional approaches, both in ESOL and general education classes, accommodate the needs of Columbia County linguistically and culturally diverse student and parent population.

How are English Learners assessed for language proficiency in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing?

There are two kinds of assessments. One is the WIDA Screener to assess eligibility for and placement in ESOL. The second is the ACCESS test conducted annually to assess progress in language proficiency.