Dr. Ellen Hotchkiss

Lakeside High School, Columbia County, Ga

Office Hours: Before school, 4th period, after school



1st period: Academic Elective Room 151

2nd period: Personal Finance & Economics (w/Mr. Wood)

3rd period: Advanced Algebra (w/ Mrs. Garstang)

4th period: Planning

5th period: Personal Finance & Economics (w/Mr. Wood)

6th period: Academic Elective Room 151

7th period: Advanced Algebra (w/ Mrs. Garstang)

Schedules (teachers and students) are subject to adjust and change over the first couple of weeks of school.

If I am casemanager for your young adult's Individual Education Plan, the best way to contact me is via email at ellen.hotchkiss@ccboe.net I will email or call you back (upon request) to try to address concerns you have.

Academic Elective Information

Academic elective is NOT a "homework class." Students are expect to do/try to do homework at home for practice. If there is a concept or some work that they do not understand we will have some time in class to remediate and work through problems on classwork or homework. We also work on strengthening skills identified on students' goals from their IEP, in addition to career/college exploration & transition plan activities. Progress monitoring on IEP goals and accommodations on tests (extra time) from students' content classes are also handled in Academic Elective.

I require a planner either on paper, notebook or your own technology device: something where our scholars can write down/take picture of/text what their work is in each of their classes.

This is a class that students are expected to work to improve skills and get the assistance they need. If you have any questions please email me.

You are REQUIRED to join my Google classroom at the code below. If you are absent, sick or quarintined, you need to log in and submit a Check-in Google forms assignment. This will be your participation for that day and let me know what you are working on at home that day and what you need help with and we can arrange a check-in time.

Also I need you to join my Remind. It might be the quickest way for me to get notification that you need help with something while you are at home and we can set up a class or a one-on-one, Google meet, or email with help/resources.

1st period geyo3uk

6th period ch3zj37

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<------ Google Classroom Join code for my Caseload (Career plans and progress monitoring)