Coach Carter (Debate)

Coach Epps (Speech)

Meet Times: Tuesdays at 3:00 PM in Room #1018


Mr. Brett Carter has been the head coach of the Grovetown High School Speech & Debate Team since 2014, taking over from Mr. Jonathan Waters who started the GTHS program in 2011. He is affiliated with the Georgia Forensic Coaches Association (GFCA) and the National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA).

Alongside Speech Coach Mrs. Becca Todd (2014-2019), the GTHS Speech & Debate team has won numerous awards, including making consecutive state championship bids and being in the NSDA National Championship in Birmingham, AL (2017). The team has hosted numerous tournaments at Grovetown High School since 2011 (Warrior War of Words or also referred to as the "W3") and has found substantial success in getting schools across the Southern U.S.A. to compete in Speech & Debate. Our school is also part of the National Forensic Honor Society and achieves honor cords at graduation pending requirements.


Since 2022, the Speech aspect of the team became affiliated with the GHSA and has found amazing success in events like Literary under Coach Todd, winning 3rd in the State. The debate side of the team has picked up steam in the last 2 years and we have dedicated ourselves to debate events including Public Forum (PF) and Lincoln Douglas (LD). Last year (2022-23) we got back on our feet and started traveling to schools for in-person tournaments. 

Our team performed very well and earned award bids at the Lassiter Invitational (Dec 2022) and the GFCA 1st and 2nd Year State Championship (Feb 2023). We finished as a state quarterfinalist in NPF for the 2022-23 year and look forward to improving our game. For the 2023 year, Grovetown High Principal Craig Baker was awarded the GFCA Administrator of the Year for his support of Warrior Speech & Debate since 2014.

Look for announcements about joining the team, training sessions, and tournament schedules. We are a traveling/competitive academic team so be aware that you pay dues throughout the year to be a part of the team.

Let's Go Warrior Debate!

Mr. Carter


CCBOE Board Recognition

Feb. 13, 2024


Here is a breakdown of how the debate team did at the state championship:

*Kenzie Houk: State Champion (top speaker) for 2nd Year Public Forum (PF).

*Dennis (Alex) Gray: 5th place speaker in the state for 2nd Year PF.

* Jaelly Franco: 8th place speaker in the state for 2nd Year PF. 

Grovetown had 3 students placed in the top 8 within the state in 2nd Year PF.


*Sarah (Ash) Sonnier & Jasmine Franco: 1st year PF Octo-finalist in the state. 

*Emily Soares: 6th placed state finalist in Extemporaneous.

Grovetown High earned more placements/awards this year than any debate team in Grovetown High School since 2013. 

2023-24 1st & 2nd Year State Championship     (Jan. 2024) Host: Carrollton High School

Lassiter Invitational (Jan. 2024)

Our NPF teams placed 2nd and 4th at the Lassiter Invitational on Jan. 13, 2024 at Lassiter High School. For extemporaneous speech, we placed 5th and earned a bid for the state tournament.

*Runner Up (2nd)-Grovetown BG (4-1)

*Semi-Finalist-Grovetown FS (3-2

*5th Place Extempt. Finalist-Emily Soares

Let's Go Warriors!

Sequoyah Autumn Argument (Oct/ 2023)

Our NPF teams placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Autumn Argument on Oct. 28, 2023 at Sequoyah High School. Congratulations to these hard-working students who accomplished a rare feat:

*Champion-Grovetown FH (4-0), Co-Champion- Grovetown GB (4-0), and Semi-Finalist-Grovetown FS (3-1) in the same tournament. 

Great work Warrior Debate!

Funny Pic...


The GTHS Debate Team at the 1st and 2nd Year State 

Championship at Marist School (2022-23)

Getting ready for rounds at the 1st and 2nd Year State Championship

Kenzie Houk & Sam Benton

2023 Novice Public Forum State Quarterfinalist at the 1st and 2nd Year State Championships at Marist School

Milan Toth & Jaelly Franco

2022 Co-Champion in Novice Public Forum at the Lassiter Invitational


Event breakdown.docx

The GTHS Debate Team is looking to pick up where it left off for the school year 2023-24 and start competitions against other schools.

NEW for 2023-24: Lincoln Douglas (LD) Debate will pick back up this coming year, alongside Public Forum (PF) Debate.

National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA) Topics for Competition

*In accordance with GFCA (Georgia Forensic Coaches Association) rules

*Public Forum Debate – 2024 January Topic

Resolved: The United States federal government should repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. 

*Novice Lincoln-Douglas Debate – 2024 January Novice Topic

Resolved: In the United States,national service ought to be mandatory.

Tournament Schedule 2023-24

SEPT 16: Alpharetta 

OCT 28: Sequoyah

NOV 10-11: Carrollton

DEC 2: Midtown

DEC 9: Northview 

JAN 13: Lassiter

JAN 19-20: 1st & 2nd Year State Championship

Examples of the work we did this year to get ready for debates!

Contact Information

Mr. Carter: 

                                Mr. Epps: 

Meeting Area: Room #1018