Mrs. Brooks' Preschool Class

Welcome to Preschool! You will find our class schedule and other important information here.

Please do not hesitate to email or call with any questions or concerns.

Preschool Schedule

8:40-11:10 Morning Class

11:10-1:10 Planning, IEP Meetings

1:10-3:40 Afternoon Class

Copy of Preschool newsletter 9-19-18

Contact Information:

Activities to do at home with your child.

Have your child trace/write his/her name.

Count to 30 (or higher).

Count using one to one correspondence to 10.

Number recognition (0-10).

Color recognition.

Read a book to your child and ask questions about the story.

Engage in imaginative play with your child.

Color or paint a picture with your child.

Make a pattern using objects from around the house.

Give your child 1-2 step directions to follow.

Practice letter sounds.

Draw or trace simple shapes. Practice cutting them out.

Play a game with your child. Practice taking turns.