SP Infocomm Club

Experience IT.

Who are we?

SPIC is not a software or programming club! We have a whole range of activities and events whereby you do not need to have knowledge of any software to take part in. Our main focus this year is on teaching students useful skills such as Android programming for their own hobbies and projects.

Apart from the technology workshops, we also have monthly bonding sessions, where we go on excursions to have fun as a club and to improve the strong bonds that we have forged. Everyone has something to do at SPIC, be it coders, outing enthusiasts and anyone else.

We emphasize that no training or experience is needed. We will provide adequate training for all our events that we will be conducting. You can find us at our clubroom that is located right above Foodcourt 5 if you need any help.

We hope to see you soon! =)

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