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Website Creation Workshop

On 19 December 2017, SPIC held a Website Creation Workshop to teach members how to create a simple personal website, using both Google Sites and HTML + CSS. Members created a sample About Me page, with additional pages alongside with it.

The HTML + CSS presentation and sample website code can be downloaded below.

Google Sites was taught by Jun Hui while HTML + CSS was taught by Ding Wen (Ignis).

Google Applications Workshop

On 22 November 2017, SPIC held a Google Application workshop to teach members the different products G-Suite has to offer and some of the unknown features such as add-ons to improve productivity. Members learnt how to use Hangouts, Classroom and many more Google products as well as learn how to manage their add-ons to make projects simpler and better.

Android Programming Workshop Intermediate

On 2nd August, SPIC held its Android Intermediate Workshop. Participants came and learnt additional knowledge about Android Programming despite the tight week with assignments due.

Special thanks to trainer @jqnxyz for conducting this workshop

Android Programming Workshop Session 2

On 28 June 2017, SPIC once again conducted an Android Programming Workshop for members who are interested in learning how to create a simple Android application. Participants learnt how to create a simple BMI calculator using Android Studio with text inputs from the participants themselves! Step by step guidance was provided by our trainer who went through the different lines of code and ensuring that no one was left behind.

Thanks to all the helpers who helped clear any doubts of the participants and SPIC hopes that all participants had learnt something meaningful after the workshop!

Do keep an eye out on our blog for future updates and we will be publishing the code from the workshop on the website.

In the meantime, do follow our social media platforms for instant updates regarding future events of SPIC! We hope to see you in future events!

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Android Programming Workshop

Hi everyone!

Happy term break and great job to all of us for having survived the MST!

Let’s have a throwback to the most recent Android Programming Workshop held on 17th May 2017. It was a huge success! During this 3 hours workshop, participants learned how to create and program their own interactive android application through various platforms such as Android Studio. Step by step guidance was provided. Thus, participants with no prior knowledge would still be able to understand the concepts throughout.

To make the workshop interesting, a quiz was posed to all present. Everyone was hyped up, trying to be the quickest and most accurate at getting the correct answers. Of course, the winner for the quiz did not go home empty handed. She was awarded with a goodies bag filled with exclusive items from SPIC!

Most importantly, thank you everyone who turned up and being such a great sport which made this workshop possible.

At the meantime, do follow us on social media to keep yourself updated with the latest happenings and future events from SPIC. Hope to see all of you again (and new faces too)! Have a wonderful and fruitful holiday!

Connect with us: @spinfocomm @tweetspic

(Due to the overwhelming response, SPIC apologises to those of you who did not manage to get a place for this workshop. Hence, this workshop will be conducted again on 28th June 2017. Kindly look out for updates for the link to register.)

Written by: Lim Shi Yee