Having fun, enjoying life

Poly 50 2017

Team SPIC for Poly 50!! Although we only completed 48 out of the 50 rounds, everyone did their best and had fun together!!!

Annual General Meeting 2017

19 July 2017 - SP Infocomm Annual General Meeting

Special thanks to everyone who came after their lessons to support our SPIC family. We appreciate all your efforts and we hope to see you in future events!

Special thanks to SPP Photographer: @zian_hui Alumni: @dextercjr as well as our own main committee @jqnxyz for the photographs

Freshmen Orientation Camp 2017

On 22 June and 23 June 2017, SPIC organised a Freshmen Orientation Camp for all new and existing members of SPIC! Members take part in a wide range of activities from ice breaking games to water games and got to know each other better! The camp concluded with a club bonding activity with prizes and food being given out to all campers as they bond together over dinner.

SPIC would like to thank everyone including alumni who helped out in this camp as well as the campers! Hope you had a fun time with us and made new memories as part of SPIC family.

Time is short, but make the most out of it

Lastly, link no link link or no link?

I'll like to thank everyone who came for this camp and CHEERS to everyone!!! Let's meet up in future events!! Peace out!

Everything happens for a reason 😏.

-Chan Chung Loong , SPIC President 2017/18

CCA Carnival 2017

It’s time for the 2017 CCA Carnival! If you want to know more about SPIC or just have an interest in IT in general, be sure to come down our booth at IG 74 from 25-27 April, Tuesday to Thursday. You’ll have a chance to get a goodie bag too!

We’re also going to be recruiting during this period of time, so come join us as a member if you are interested. If you aren’t able to come to the booth, you can join us through the 2017 recruitment form (https://goo.gl/wPuqRV), which will open on 24 April.

We hope to see you there soon!