Frequently asked questions

Have some questions about Wahconah's yearbook? Hopefully you can find your answer here. If not, email the adviser, Mr. Pike at

How much is a yearbook?

The base price for a yearbook is $99, plus Massachusetts sales tax of 6.25%. Without any add-ons such as personalization, the total cost of a yearbook is $105.19. Be aware any add-ons will increase the price, and also the amount of sales tax to be calculated.

How do i order a yearbook?

Great question! You can order a yearbook on the "Order Yearbook" page.

i ordered a yearbook online and have since changed addresses. what do i do?

If you cannot change your address through Jostens, it is critical that you contact the yearbook adviser Jeff Pike at Send him a message indicating your old address and the new address the yearbook should be mailed to.

when can i expect to receive the yearbook?

Wahconah has historically opted for a fall publication and delivery. This means that yearbooks will be delivered in the fall, around Columbus Day, the fall following graduation. Therefore, the Class of 2019 graduating in June can expect their yearbooks in the fall of 2019.

why does wahconah opt for a fall publication and delivery?

Simply put: because of the graduating seniors. If Wahconah opted for a spring publication to be distributed at graduation, the yearbook would need to be completed by mid-April. This would leave out a large number of events and activities that occur at Wahconah. Most of these are specific to the graduating class, including the class trip, Senior Assembly, Class Night, and graduation. Therefore, while it may be disappointing to some that yearbooks are delivered in the fall, the yearbooks will be a true representation of the school year.

i'm interested in taking out a business or parent ad. how do i do that?

Thank you for considering helping keep the Arrow viable by purchasing an ad! If you are a business and interested in submitting an ad, refer to the Business Ads page for more information. If you are interested in a parent ad, refer to the Parent/Guardian Ads page for details.

i do not want to take out an ad, but i am interested in helping a great club like the yearbook. how can i do that?

We would love your support! If you are interested in helping the yearbook in any way, please contact adviser Jeff Pike at The yearbook is still looking for quality digital camera and photography equipment. The more technology we can get into the hands of the students, the better the publication, but more importantly, the more likely we are to hone an interest in students that can translate into a lifelong passion and skill.