CB's Response

Dear Friend:


My name is CB Johnson, and I am running to represent you as your Alderperson of the 29th Ward.  I am also writing to clarify the crazy allegations about me and my character.

·        I never applied for more than one homeowner tax exemption.

·        My not-for-profit is in “Good Standing” and has been operating for over 30 years.

·        I have paid all of my credit card bills.

·        I do not have any outstanding water bills, gas bills, light bills, tax bills, or any other bills.

     What bothers me the most is that Ald. Chris Taliaferro is trying to shame me about financial issues that many constituents have faced during their lifetimes. 

Many of you have experienced hardship, especially during COVID.  In fact, 9228 organizations received Economic Injury Disasters loans in the 29th Ward, amounting to $77.3 million dollars.  People lost their jobs, children went to bed hungry, and people died.  We are still responding to COVID.

     If Taliaferro would try to shame me, then you know he would do it to you.  Unfortunately, this campaign has included lies upon lies about me and to you.  I promise you that I will never lie to you.  My door will always be open to you to help you through the good and the bad.  And that’s the difference between ME and Chris Taliaferro.  I will always have your back!


Cb Johnson Bio

CB Johnson is a native of the Austin neighborhood in Chicago, a local businessman in the 29th ward, a veteran community organizer, and a thriving international presence in Africa focused on energy. He attended Oscar DePriest Elementary, Emmett Elementary, and Austin High School in the 29th ward. CB went on to attend City Colleges of Chicago – Truman College.  

     Since 1999, CB has been the CEO of the Campaign For a Drug-Free West Side, a west side non-profit established in 1999. The groundbreaking organization has assisted thousands with case management and mentoring for a pathway to wholeness and sobriety. Johnson is committed to operating as a full-time Alderperson; when elected Alderperson of the 29th ward, CB will prioritize community engagement. 

     CB continues a call to action to address the west side community’s fentanyl crisis and his advocacy for more resources to local non-profits focusing on addiction and mental health. At the same time, the police department is overworked and facing issues beyond criminal offenses. Therefore, increased funding for mental health in policing preparedness is vital as working with community organizations who are actually on the blocks, engaging with residents, and understanding the needs of the 29th ward. 

     Additionally, our children and schools on the West Side are at our focal point and absolutely need more equitable technology access. We must ensure our children are not fighting through quicksand and, instead, on a leveled field of educational and career pathways with our neighboring wards in Oak Park. 

     As a resident of the 29th and neighbor, his love for this community is deep! CB was raised in the 29th ward and has raised his children in the 29th ward. This commitment to the community has propelled his demand for greater community service for constituents.  As a result, CB is committed to hosting monthly community meetings and will be available as a full-time Alderperson, to address problems in the 29th ward 24/7. 

     The people will continue to have direct contact, as this job requires an Alderperson committed to the community. CB has a proven track record. This community deserves better,” Johnson said. “I never left. I’ll always be a resident and your neighbor. If it was good enough for my mother to raise us here, it’s good enough to raise my children here, too.”   


· I will be a full-time Alderman.

· I will be actively involved in the city council debate.

· I will hold regular meetings in every area of the ward.

· I will follow the desires of residents on zoning matters.

· I will work to help organize a block club on every block.

· I will help develop small businesses.

· I will make sure that city service needs are regularly met. Potholes, speed bumps, garbage and refuse collection, rodent control, tree trimming, ice 

   and snow removal, abandoned buildings, etc.

· I will ensure safety for senior citizens, children going to school, mail men and women making deliveries will be a top priority. Safety for other 

  delivery persons will be a major concern.

· I will organize advisory groups to monitor crime and public safety.

· I will meet with clergy and faith leaders regularly.

· I will organize and meet with youth regularly.


My name is CB Johnson, and I bring you greetings from my wife, Wendy, and my family. I also write to let you know that I am a candidate for Alderman of the 29th Ward and to ask for your help and support. I was born and raised here on the west side of Chicago, went to school here, got married here, my wife and I have lived all our lives here, raised our children here, and love this community. We are ready to make use of ourselves to help it to become the most desirable community in Chicago in which to live.

Please know that I am not running against anyone. I am running because I truly believe that I can and will do a much better job than our current Alderman. As campaigning gets underway, you will learn much more about me; but right off the bat, here are some of who I am and what I have done. I have developed and run an anti-drug program (Drug-Free Westside) for more than twenty years and have been actively involved in community affairs. So, I know the business of community organizing and the value of social services. I know how to organize, make things happen, and get things done. I have worked with organizations like the Westside Association for Community Action, the Northwest Austin Council, the Chicago Westside Branch NAACP and other community groups. I am now ready to serve in a leadership role as Alderman and ask you to help me to do that.

I have worked closely with elected officials like Congressman Danny K. Davis for many years. So, I know what to do and how to do it. I promise you that as Alderman (look at my pledge)!

If you are a member of a block club, church group, social group, youth group, or education group, or would like to form a group and are willing to meet with me, please give us a 773-769-7271 or 773-533-9940. Please know that I am running to represent you, your feelings, thoughts, desires, hopes, and aspirations. I will hold classes, workshops, and forums. I am eager to help lead our community forward and ask for your support.