Grade 8 with Mr. McCleary

Welcome to our Grade 8 year. I am very excited to return to the classroom with you. Together we will experience the months ahead and I anticipate a lot of growing - physically, spiritually, academically, and socially.

Our first opportunity to meet will be on our Supply Drop-off day on Thursday, August 29 between 1 and 3 pm.

I am very pleased to welcome Mrs. Baker to the grade 7 classroom and we have been discussing several opportunities that we will be able to share between our classes.

Grade 8 is such an important year where we enjoy and celebrate the experiences of the past and where they have brought us. It also is an opportunity to try new things with the safety, confidence and maturity that those past experiences now give us. Grade 8 offers us the ability to try out leadership opportunities, to set an example for younger students and to experience being respected by those not as far into their journey in life. However, there is also a growing nervousness as we prepare to say goodbye to the school life that has become familiar and anticipate a new adventure beginning a year from now. It is my pleasure to share my experience with the grade 8's over the course of this year and to build their confidence towards a successful transition into high school. Together, we will study God's Word and learn to apply it in anticipation of the excitement that lies ahead.

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First Day activities

What a great first day we had as we began to lay the groundwork for our grade 8 year. We were able to share a bit about our summer adventures and get reconnected. We then discussed what grade 8 means and how we can have the most successful year possible.

Creating Who Am I self portraits.