Mrs. Lauren's Bunch

Week of January 7-11, 2019

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Work for this week

Math: Chapter 5 Factors and Chapter 6 Fractions

Reading: "The Right Dog for the Job"

Writing: Expository Writing

Social Studies: Arkansas Regions/Science Test Prep


Spelling: words with final /j/ and /s/ sounds

Are you seeing some crazy ways of multiplying coming home with your child? Look no further for some help with the "box" and "bow tie" methods! Your kid knows it isn't the way you and I learned, but it is a way they have to learn-so take a look and see what you like! I promise-some of your kiddos will be like me and will love these! Don't turn them off to the idea-just help them learn, and let me help you!

We will be reading, The Right Dog for the Job this week. One of the reasons I love this story is because it helps answer the essential question of the week: How do people and animals benefit each other?

Vocabulary Words

reward | graduate | symbol | foster | disobey | confidence | patiently | confesses | ceremony | performs

This Week's Spelling Words:

glance | judge | damage | package | twice | stage | carriage | since | practice | marriage | baggage | office | message | bridge | chance | notice | ridge | manage | palace | bandage

Challenge words:

fringe | average | fleece | fragrance | excellence

Reading is SO important!!

Please read with your child at home! Research shows that just 20 minutes of reading a day for a child helps develop their critical reading skills!

If you need help with this for your child-talk with me! I can help!

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Why Practice Math Facts?

Practicing math facts is SO important! It helps the students develop rapid, effortless, and error less recall of basic math facts. This level of learning is called automaticity. If a student relies solely on procedural knowledge, less of the at student's thinking capacity can be developed to higher-order mathematical skills such as multi-digit operations, long division, and fractions just to name a few! Rapid math fact retrieval has also been shown to be a strong predictor of performance on math achievement tests! (Whitehurst, 2003)

We start reading Skeleton Creek!