Mrs. Lauren's Bunch

Week of October 8-12, 2018

Work for this week

Math: Chapter 3-Multiplying 2 digit by 2 digit

Reading: We will begin reading out of our Big Journey's book; "Jose! Born to Dance"

Writing: Short Journal Writing/Google Classroom; author's purpose, similes and metaphors, subject and object pronouns

Social Studies:


Spelling: vowel + /r/ sound

Our class is in second place-with all of 4th and 5th grade classes competing with how many Read n' Quiz points we have gotten! That means we have read a lot of books!! Way to go Mrs. Lauren's Bunch!

Multiplying using expanded form. Give it a chance-you may like it like I did!

Jose! Born to Dance is a biography and is the story of a dancer who came to the United States with his family and worked hard through life to get where he was.

The students learn about biographies, dancing, author's purpose and using similes an metaphors to make their writing better.

Vocabulary Words for Lesson 10

debut | stubborn | permission | hauling | mournful | towered | triumph | discouraged | toured | border

Lesson 10 Spelling Words:

learn | dirty | worn | sore | thirst | burn | record | cure | board | course | worth | early | return | pure | world | search | worse | thirteen | sport | current

Challenge words:

curious | thorough | earnest | portion | foreign

Reading is SO important!!

Please read with your child at home! Research shows that just 20 minutes of reading a day for a child helps develop their critical reading skills!

If you need help with this for your child-talk with me! I can help!

If you want to take a look at any of our rules and procedures, click here to take a look!

You can check out what your child is doing in Google Classroom by having access to their gmail! Sign in with their gmail information and you can see where I have graded their work on Google.

Why Practice Math Facts?

Practicing math facts is SO important! It helps the students develop rapid, effortless, and error less recall of basic math facts. This level of learning is called automaticity. If a student relies solely on procedural knowledge, less of the at student's thinking capacity can be developed to higher-order mathematical skills such as multi-digit operations, long division, and fractions just to name a few! Rapid math fact retrieval has also been shown to be a strong predictor of performance on math achievement tests! (Whitehurst, 2003)

We start reading Skeleton Creek!