1. All golfers will ride to meets with the team from school at the time prescribed.
  2. We will leave at the set departure time. Make sure you are ready to go at that time.
  3. If you are late, you will be left behind and it will be considered an unexcused absence.
  4. All golfers are expected to act appropriately while riding in any school vehicle to and from practice and away meets. Behaviors determined inappropriate by the coaches may lead to a punishment determined by the coaches and/or administration.
  5. At railroads crossings, all passengers are required to be quiet.
  6. Golfers may go home with a parent after the completion of an away meet only after the parent has signed the athlete out.
  7. In order for a golfer to go home with someone other than a parent after the completion of an away meet, a written note and a call must be received before leaving for the away meet. Whoever the athlete is riding with must sign them out as well before leaving.
  8. All golfers are responsible for picking up after themselves in the school vehicles. This includes the proper disposal of food scraps, food wrappers, drink cups and bottles, napkins, etc. If garbage is left on the vehicles, the coaches may take away all food and drink privileges.