1. All golfers are expected to be at the golf course no later than 4:00 for practices on regular school days.
  2. On days of meets, golfers not playing in the meet are still required to practice unless otherwise stated. Sign in and out at the clubhouse.
  3. Being late for three practices will result in a minimum of a one meet suspension.
  4. For each late practice after three, a minimum of a one meet suspension will be given.
  5. If a golfer is late for six practices, it may result in being dismissed from the team.
  6. Spectators and friends are not allowed to watch our golfers on practice days.
  7. Practice end times vary by day. There are many factors, some that are out of our hands, that determine what time practice will end. Golfers being picked up from the course should arrange to be picked up at the course between 5:30 and 6:00 PM.
  8. Golf carts (the ones you drive or ride in) are NOT to be used during practices. Golfers need to get used to walking the course, carrying or pulling their bag.