Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child’s golf career. Since golf is ultimately an individual sport, outside support is critical. Your student’s development will ultimately be his/her responsibility. Improvement is directly correlated with the amount of practice time involved. Anything you can provide, from lessons and equipment to emotional support and gentle nudges to practice will help your child become a better golfer. During a meet, though, parents should consider themselves spectators and fans.

Here are some things spectators are not allowed to do (USGA Rule 8):

  1. Take and/or give any equipment from any golfer at any time
  2. Give any advice to players (how to play a hole, what club to hit, etc.)
  3. Make any rulings or give advice on a rule
  4. Assist in players keeping score (players are responsible for keeping their own scores)
  5. Give food or drink to any player
  6. Never touch a player’s ball while it is in play

Here are some things parents are allowed to do:

  1. Encourage all players
  2. Help all players find lost balls
  3. Encourage all players (yes, I know it's listed twice, because it's important)

We encourage spectators to come and watch our golfers on the day of meets. All spectators are to stay 50-100 yds. away from the players and are not allowed to talk to them. Saying “Nice shot.”, “Good ball.”, etc. is acceptable as long as there is no kind of advice given. Spectators are allowed to help look for a lost ball to help speed up play.