1. I will choose who plays in meets. I will base my decision on the following:
    • past scores in meets
    • qualifying rounds
    • practice attendance
    • attitude and behavior (both in school and on the course)
  2. My choices of who makes the meet team will not be solely based on ability or score, but will also be based on the criteria above, work ethic and attitude
  3. I will not put a golfer into a meet until I can trust her with the course, until she can play the game properly with good golf etiquette and follow the rules
  4. It is a privilege to get to go to a meet
  5. All golfers competing in a home meet must be dressed in proper uniform before the other team(s) arrives.
  6. On the day of away meets, all golfers need to have the proper uniform and all equipment ready to go by the time announced.
  7. For away meets, all golfers will be dressed in proper uniform before stepping off the bus onto the opponent’s course.
  8. At the end of a meet, congratulate your playing partners (no matter what the outcome is) and shake their hand.
  9. All golfers are required to stay until the entire meet is complete and scores are tallied. You are not free to leave until the coaches release you. Students may leave with parents after being signed out.
  10. Golfers should clean their clubs the night before play. Look sharp.
  11. Each golfer will play with honor and integrity. All players will abide by the USGA Rules of Golf. Cheating will not be tolerated.