Basic Etiquette

  1. As a member of the PCN Golf Squad, you are representing our high school, the golf team, and yourself. Anything that will make a poor impression of our school and embarrass our golf team WILL NOT be tolerated under any circumstances.
  2. You will use proper golf etiquette at all times. We will go over proper etiquette in our practices. You will be expected to abide by the etiquette of golf regardless of what other players are doing.
  3. You need to have a working knowledge of the rules of golf. The rules are there to help as well as penalize. Ignorance is no excuse. Rules books can be ordered. Talk to me about getting one.
  4. Golf is the only sport where the competitors are their own referees. It is a sport that promotes and expects the utmost in honesty and integrity of its participants.

Care of the course:

  1. Rake all bunkers.
  2. Replace all divots, even if you didn't make it.
  3. Don’t make divots with practice swings on greens, repair all ball marks.
  4. Repair spike marks on the greens after finishing play.
  5. Be careful walking on the greens, especially near the hole.
  6. Leave the course, particularly the greens, in the condition you would like to find them.


  1. Be careful when you swing a club, whether in practice or in play.
  2. Always be aware of those around you.
  3. Don’t play until the group in front of you is out of the way.


  1. Don’t move, talk, or stand close to or directly behind a player making a stroke.
  2. Observe all rules including who has the honor, but play ready golf at the same time.
  3. Play without delay. Slow play is a huge aggravation. Leave the putting green as soon as all players in your group have holed out. Write scores on the next tee box.
  4. Invite faster groups to play through (not in a meet).
  5. Don’t step on the line of another player’s putt.
  6. Replace the flagstick carefully in an upright position.
  7. Never place your bag on the putting surface.