Dress Code


  1. All golfers must meet the dress code of the golf course
  2. No sleeveless t-shirts, tank tops or athletic shorts will be allowed.
  3. Flip-flops, cut-off shorts, sweat pants, and anything (shirts, hats, etc.) with inappropriate content displayed will not be allowed on the golf course.
  4. Pants or shorts must have pockets to hold tees and ball mark tool.
  5. Shorts and pants will be worn around the waist properly. Belts are highly suggested.
  6. All golfers need either tennis shoes or golf shoes (soft spike only).
  7. All hats will be worn with the bill facing straight forward.
  8. Any golfer not able to comply by the dress rules, will not be allowed to participate that day and will be considered unexcused.


  1. All golfers must wear their team polo shirt (if they have one) and khaki shorts, khaki pants, khaki skirts, etc. (furnished by player) for all meets.
  2. Shorts may not have oversized pockets, dangling strings or straps, and should not hang more than 1-2” below the knee. Belts are highly recommended.
  3. Ladies shorts or skorts may not be more than 6” above the knee.
  4. During meets, the players are required to keep their shirt tucked in at all times.
  5. Any golfer not having a proper uniform will not be able to compete in the meet and will be considered unexcused.