Who We Are

For decades in the Central Coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties organizations have come together to protect and advance the human, civil and voting rights of immigrant youth, families and communities.

The Central Coast Immigrant Rights Coalition was developed in 2014, with the support of the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC), to serve as a sustainable and growing network for ever-more effective long-term immigrant rights advocacy work at the local, regional, state and even national level.


The Central Coast Immigrant Rights Coalition unites organizations to educate and organize immigrants and allies, and to advocate for humane and just policies that advance the rights of all immigrants.


We envision a central coast region in which immigrants are self-empowered, celebrated, safe from the fear of criminalization, raids and deportation and are fully afforded the rights and responsibilities of civic sustainable policies that uphold the human rights of immigrants.


  • We believe in building trust and solidarity across differences for humane and just immigrant rights.
  • We believe in the right of every community to access essential life-sustaining resources, regardless of immigration status.
  • We believe that immigrant rights and consistent with the mandates of many faith traditions which direct people to 'welcome the stranger' and treat immigrants and dignity and respect.
  • We believe in the right of all families to stay together, without the threat of being detained or deported from their loved ones.
  • To ensure safe, united, and economically sustainable communities, we believe in ending the involvement of local law enforcement agencies with federal level ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement).
  • We believe our local officials have a responsibility to end the criminalization of our communities and create inclusive policies, ensuring community safety and access to resources and services.
  • We believe every person has a story to tell and the power to create change for themselves and their community.
  • We believe in human survival and freedom of movement as basic human rights.
  • We believe our society must invest in alternatives to detention and incarceration, regardless of immigration status.
  • We believe that farm workers, who are almost exclusively immigrant, and all other immigrant workers must be protected from exploitation, valued as an integral part of our economy and afforded a living wage, employment benefits and access to collective bargaining.